Parents who are looking for a preschool curriculum development program that will take their child from infancy to preschool age may want to look into the innovative ‘preschool Richmond Nelson‘ program. This highly innovative preschool curriculum was developed in Canada but its principle has been adopted by many US preschools. The main idea behind this program is to build strong reading skills, especially from a young age. This is important because reading skills will play an enormous part in the understanding of preschool topics. If a child can learn to read then they will most likely be able to learn other subjects such as science and math more easily.

Preschool Curriculum Development

The other skill that is essential to the development of a child in the preschool age group is language skills. This is where the “Richmond Nelson” preschool curriculum excels over most other preschool curriculum development programs. The program uses “phonetic interpretation” which allows the preschoolers to hear words pronounced the same way that they are spelled. For example, the program sounds out the word “man” the same way as “mann” and “Nino.”

This sounds really easy but it is quite difficult for infants who are not yet able to speak. The babies are exposed to the sounds of the letters and they mimic them. This helps them develop the same language skills that all children develop as they grow up. These phonetic sounds become embedded in the infant’s memory. A lot of time is also spent talking to the children and making them understand the importance of these sounds when they are talking.

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