For those seeking a relaxing and rejuvenating massage, then North Vancouver is the place to go. The area is home to a number of outstanding spas and luxury treatment centres with a little something extra. As a city located in the heart of Vancouver’s West End, many of the luxury and top-name spa centres are located just a short distance north of the main drag. If you want to take advantage of the fresh air, sandy beaches and beautiful Canadians, then you can do so along False Creek. In this article, we will take a look at two of the Spa Utopia centres that are located in North Vancouver: Paradise Massage and Spunk Upping.

Vancouver Massage

Paradise Massage: Located near Granville and just a short walking distance from downtown Vancouver, Paradise Massage has two locations: in Granville Marketplace and in Vanier. The majority of their treatments are in the evening hours and they cater for both male and female clients. They have several types of massages available and their “no touch,” no pressure and no limit touch therapies have garnered them a steady clientele.

Spunk Upping: This popular massage therapy centre has two locations: on Granville and in Vanier. The location on Granville is open late nights and early mornings while the Vanier location is only open in the summertime. Both offer high-end beauty services and they do not compromise on the comfort or safety of their clients. Both spas employ experienced therapists that are highly trained in exotic massage and bodywork techniques.

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