how to distribute a press release

If you’re interested in how to distribute a press release, it’s important that you understand the entire process before you get started. Press releases are essentially news articles that are submitted to news media in order to be published or distributed for marketing purposes. In order to submit a press release successfully, you must write an informative and interesting news story that is completely related to your company. It should be well written, easy to understand, and newsworthy so that the editor will want to publish it.


One of the best ways to learn how to distribute a press release is by hiring a freelance writer who is familiar with the style of writing. The process of how to distribute a press release is much simpler if you have a good writer working for you. Make sure to discuss payment options and methods of writing the release with your writer before you proceed.


Once you have your news story written, the next step is to find an appropriate outlet to publish your press release. There are many different websites and online businesses that can be very helpful in your quest for press release distribution. Many companies will handle all of the writing and submission tasks for you. You will simply need to make sure that the company is capable of handling the amount of press releases that you will be sending them. After you have chosen which company to work with, you’ll simply need to fill out their application form and send it to their office. Upon approval, you will be mailed the paperwork needed to begin the process.

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