Prestige City Plots is the best selling residential plots in India. There is a wide range of commercial and recreational properties in Prestige City that have made it one of the most sought after residential destinations across the country. Prestige City address is located on the border of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh in Southern region and is famous for its magnificent beauty. The project site includes a beautiful lake, which is bordered by lush tea plantations, and it is a planned eco-city with all modern facilities. Proposed Residential building, The Prestige City address is Sarjapur, Bengaluru, 5 sqor125.

One Of The Most Promising Urban agglomerations

Sarjapur Lake situated on the border is an Adjacent to the proposed project site. The Lake has a soothing and relaxing atmosphere which makes it a most favorite destination for couples and nature lovers. The Lake and its surroundings are blessed with natural and man made luxuries like waterfalls, jade beach, lush plantation, rivers and hills. There are many luxury shopping malls and salaam (eateries) in and around the lake area and also some world class golf courses are located near the lake. The lake area is a popular tourist spot and provides plenty of scope for Prestige City Plots, Sarjapur.

It is one of the fastest developing cities in Karnataka and its surroundings and has a very pleasant climate. The City has a great deal of connectivity and has made it a cosmopolitan hub. The construction of Prestige City plot and its surroundings has made sarjapur the first planned urban centre in Karnataka. The project has been planned by some of the renowned architects and modernisers of India like architect R Srinivasan, who is responsible for projects like Mormugao Grand Hotel. In the last few years, several big real estate developers like DLF, Lodha, Unitech, Lodha Development Corporation and others have shown an interest in developing the city and its surroundings.

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Playa Del Carmen Real Estate Investment

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