acrylic nails

Acrylic nails or artificial nails, as acrylic nails are popularly called, are artificial nails put over natural fingernails in order to change their form and give a more fashionable look. These are generally applied by a technician who is well trained and skilled in the art of cosmetic dentistry. They are generally applied only over the natural nail and may even be applied over the cuticle as well. While these may not seem a big deal to some, for others they can be quite a serious issue, since if the artificial nail does not fit well, it can cause pain and damage to the natural nail.

Since acrylic nails do not require filing, sanding or painting, they are much easier to maintain than real nails and they last longer. If you have decided on having artificial nails put on your hands, it is very important to choose a qualified nail technician to put them on your nails. When choosing a nail technician for this type of service, you will want to make sure that you find one who has experience with all types of false nails and has the equipment necessary to put them on properly. It is also necessary to find someone who is licensed and insured. This will ensure that your artificial nails are protected and that in the case of an accident you will have a qualified and authorized technician come to your aid and fix the problem.


If you choose to use acrylic nails and wish to buy artificial nails to match your new look, it is still necessary to purchase the same type of nail polish and cuticle protectors that you used to purchase the acrylics. Although most nail polish brands have acrylic version, some brands do not have a version that is specifically designed for putting on artificial nails. Before buying nail polish and cuticle protectors for artificial nails, you should take the time to research the brands available and the products that they contain. You may end up needing to switch out products once you find the ones that work best for your hand.

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